Whether your tree situation calls for a boom truck, a crane, a wood chipper, or just expert attention to detail, call us.  EverGreen has certified arborists, plus a staff with expertise, and all the equipment required for your job, big or small.

EverGreen’s arborists have seen it all.  Call us if you need:

Commercial or residential tree service: any acreage or mixture of needs
Hazardous tree solutions: like pruning, trimming, cable bracing, and more
Weather damage cleanup: land clearing, and debris removal
Tree falling: from your commercial or residential property
Hydro line trimming: to protect hydro, cable, and telephone lines
Stump removal: with tools and techniques for working in small spaces
Tree trimming and pruning: spiral thinning, and other shaping projects
Anything from topping to clear-cutting your entire landscape
Environment-friendly impact to result from calling EverGreen

Why Choose EverGreen’s Arborists?

All our services pose minimal risk to your landscape and structures.  That’s your benefit from the experience and professionalism of our fully-insured, fully-equipped arborists.

EverGreen serves high-profile organizations all over Victoria Island – our reputation is what keeps us in business.  Our arborists’ goal is to keep you as a customer, and uphold our reputation.

More Notes on Our Tree Services

Weather Damage Cleanup:  Depending on the severity of your tree damage, we may use cranes early in the job.  This gets big obstacles and hazards off your land, and speeds the overall cleanup.

Residential Tree Service:  We understand tree problems make homeowners nervous.  Damage prevention and risk mitigation are key parts of an arborist’s skills.  We’ll keep your landscape and your home as safe as possible.

Commercial Tree Service:  Your tree service jobs are just like anyone else’s, except bigger.  We have experience dealing with all sizes of commercial property, including clear-cutting, brush chipping, and maintenance of all your beautiful greenery.

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